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Being part of a musical cheer team!

Can we put others before ourselves in a professional capacity?

Keynotes Music - Group Piano Classes

I was thinking the other day about the importance of having a good support team around you. This is true in all walks of life, but this is also true in a professional capacity. Your support team can be made up of friends, children, parents, siblings, colleagues etc and they are there to support you, challenge you, pick you up, keep you grounded or just to keep you smiling. In a music context they could be there to attend your concerts, look after your children while you are working, critique a performance, give feedback on ideas, take on part of the work load when it gets busy, etc. But you don't always get to choose who is in your support team. I have so much respect for those who, through no fault of their own, are having to fight against the system for recognition, or who don't have family support around them or who are carving out a new path when perception states the traditional paths are the 'best'.

We all know this - but the bit that really got me thinking was about the importance on being on a support team for someone else. Particularly in a professional capacity. It is so important to cheer on other colleagues even (particularly) if there is no benefit to you. Big them up, share their work, promote them and their ideas when you get the chance. This is so important to both your own mental well being and theirs! Can you put someone else before yourself?

I believe we should all find someone and be on their cheer team! Wish them luck before a big presentation, check on them and give constructive feedback afterwards. Be there so they have someone to bounce ideas off, as a ear to listen when they have worries, celebrate when they achieve!

I would love everybody to choose someone that you can declare yourself to be on their cheer team!

I choose Melanie Bowes - creator of Keynotes Music.

Melanie Bowes - Creator of KeyNotes Music

This is not a random choice - we went to university together (far too many years ago!) and have remained friends since. My attention was caught by her Facebook page a few years ago and I was struck by the innovativeness of what she was trying to do and I watched as she grew her idea into a business. This time last year I decided that I wanted to join her and teach her method in my music studio. She talked me through how to go about setting up classes, what I would need, what I should have in place. I started teaching my Keynotes Classes back in September 2018 and she takes the time to catch up with me most weeks to find out how things went and check if I need any help. But more than my own involvement I can see her passion for what she is doing and I want to help her achieve it and help challenge her to push for the next level.

Who will you choose?

KeyNotes Music classes - in action!

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