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EJML Staff Policy

EJML Staff Policy

Ellie Jaggers Music Lessons (hereafter EJML) is now a multi-teacher studio.


Students will be paired with the best teacher for their needs on the following basis

  1. Suitability

  2. Availability


Continuity is important and EJML will try wherever possible to maintain student teacher partnership and not switch students between teachers unnecessarily.  


Cover Teaching


All EJML teachers work together to provide the best musical education for the students.  There may be instances when a different teacher is called in to cover teacher absence.  In these instances, the students will be contacted in advance and every effort will be made to ensure the lesson day and time is preserved.  However, this may not always be achievable.


Lesson notes will be provided to the cover teacher to ensure the continuation of provision.


Timetable Changes


Lesson times are arranged between the student and the teacher representing EJML.  


If a change to lesson time, by either the Student or the Teacher, means the teacher is no longer available an alternative teacher may be provided depending on availability.


Should no teacher be available the termination of lessons notice period as specified in the teaching contract will come into effect.

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