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Group Piano Lessons



KeyNotes Music brings piano and musicianship classes to children aged 4-13 through an innovative, accessible, affordable and fun format. 


From a bespoke curriculum, using keyboards and learning in groups, KeyNotes lessons cover areas such as learning to read music, identifying rhythms, describing pitch, dynamics and tempo, composing and performing. 

Based on a theme or story, lessons include lots of games, props, and singing. Pupils enjoy the relaxed and social aspect of the lessons.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all aspects of piano playing and general musicianship are fostered in a fun and inspiring way.


Students work through one booklet per term/semester (although the time spent on each workbook is flexible to suit your studio), and each workbook is based around a story or a theme in order to make the pieces cohesive and give structure to considerations about musical elements and compositions.


Little KeyNotes (9.30 am - 10 am)

Little KeyNotes workbooks are for students aged 4-5. They will have some prior knowledge of the letters of the alphabet (i.e. be able to sing the alphabet song and recognise some letters) and numbers 1-5.


Developmentally they will be used to situations such as story time or carpet time; any situation where they have to sit and listen to a teacher/care giver. They may also understand the concept of written communication - in other words that the books they love to read have words that are followed in order to tell the story!


Little KeyNotes children may start out trying to improvise and may not understand that the letters on the page are to be played on the keys that correlate to their names! However, after only a couple of lessons they should be able to follow the music.

The learning aims of the Little KeyNotes curriculum are:

  • To identify the notes of the keyboard

  • To clap and identify basic rhythms

  • To clap in time to a piece of music

  • To describe pictures/stories of listening extracts

  • To compose short motifs for a theme

  • To understand and using correct finger numbers


Storytellers (10.15 am - 11 am)

KeyNotes Storytellers workbooks are for beginners aged 6+. The learning aims are much the same as for Little KeyNotes, but the pieces have more depth and there are more opportunities for extension and challenge.

Foundations One (11.15am - 12 pm)

Students move onto Foundations One when they consistently meet the learning objectives for Storytellers. This may be after one Storytellers workbook or after three; each child works at their own pace.

The learning aims of the KeyNotes Foundations One curriculum are:

  • To identify and read the notes of the treble clef stave

  • To identify time signatures

  • To use chords I and Vb to harmonise a melody

  • To compare extracts by identifying similarities and differences using elements such as pitch, tempo, dynamics, rhythm and instrumentation

Adult KeyNotes (Wednesdays 7.30 - 8.30pm)

Designed especially for adults these classes last 1 hour.  These classes are a fun and social way for adults to learn a new instrument.  The innovative KeyNotes Music group format covers the notes of the keyboard, basic rhythms, musical elements such as tempo, pitch and dynamics, and finger numbers but also provides a stronger emphasis on music theory and musical appreciation. 


For more information, or to register for KeyNotes Music group piano classes, please click the link below.

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