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A lifetime's enjoyment of music

I aim to provide my students with the tools to experience a lifetime's enjoyment of music.  Each student's requirements are as individual as they are. Some wish to play for fun; others would like to study for their grade exams; others would like to revisit an old hobby. I can tailor each student's lessons to their own goals.

Classic Violin


Violin, Piano, Viola & Keyboard

Individual instrumental lessons are available, at a fixed time every week, during evenings and weekends.  I also teach during the daytime on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and a discount applies for home schoolers and retirees (school hours only). I may also able to travel to you, for an additional fee and if my timetable allows.

Trial lesson available.


Bespoke music lessons

I create bespoke lessons in Music Theory and Composition, based on each student's needs.  I can provide lessons in music theory for grade exams, tutoring for GCSE or A' Levels, classes in classical harmony & songwriting. 

Book a course of lessons, or a one off intensive session - whatever you require!

Composing Music


Fall In Love With Music Again!

Lots of people have learned an instrument they no longer play, but would quite like to play once again for fun.

Maybe joining an orchestra is too daunting - or mobility issues may prevent you from wanting to travel out at night? Maybe you don't need lessons but are unsure how else you can access music?


This is where I can come in!


I am able to come to you to play music along with you – just for fun! It may be to accompany you while you sing your favourite songs? It might be to play some duets? It might be to busk along with some folk songs? It might even be to give you a few refresher lessons – if that is what you want?


All sessions are fun and informal and include time for tea (and biscuits!)


This is a flexible arrangement according to your needs. If you just want a one-off session – that’s absolutely fine! If you would like to book a few sessions – brilliant! If you would like me to come to you every week on a permanent basis – we can work out a time to suit you! If you would rather come to me – that is fine as well!


If you would like more information, and prices – please get in contact


I am an experienced MD for local amateur dramatic societies and schools, and can fill various roles including conductor, rehearsal pianist, as well as playing in the show band. 

I also have extensive experience accompanying for grade exams up to grade 8. 

Get in touch and let me know what you require!



Instrumental Lessons

Violin, Viola, Piano & Keyboard

Introducing instrumental lessons, during school time, based in school.

Individual lessons are generally 20 mins in length, although longer lessons may be available on request,  and the child will be collected and returned to their school classroom.  

Group lessons, using the Keynotes Music method are also available - perfect for students with pupil premium.

Please contact me for more details.


Schedule a Lesson

Learn with the best. Get in touch to see what I can do for you.

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