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At Home Lesson Policy

At Home Lessons Policy

This policy refers to lessons held at the Student's home address/

Space and Equipment

  • The Student or the Student’s Parent/Guardian is responsible for providing suitable space and appropriate instrument to enable at student’s home learning to be provided as advised by EJML.

  • The Student or the Student’s Parent/Guardian is responsible for the insurance of the Student’s instrument and all equipment used by the Student for at home teaching.

  • Parent/Guardian should ensure a quiet environment and to minimise disruptions.

  • EJML staff should not teach where they cannot easily be observed – parents/carers should either remain in the room during the lesson or ensure that doors remain open and the lesson is conducted in easy sightline and hearing of the Parent/Guardian. 

  • Parent/Guardian must remain in the property during at home lessons.

  • Lessons must not be conducted in a bedroom.




  • The parties agree that safeguarding in the home environment is of paramount importance and agree that they shall observe best practice and professional guidance (such as advice to teachers from the ISM or MU) in safeguarding and child protection at all times.

  • The Student or Student’s Parent or Guardian agrees to follow any safeguarding requirements specified by EJML.

  • Lessons must not be recorded by either party unless there is a prior agreement for this. If recordings are made, they must not be shared with third parties or uploaded to social media.

  • The Pupil, if aged 18 or under, will not contact the Teacher directly by any means for whatever reason: all communications relating to the lessons shall be made between the Pupil’s Parent or Guardian and the Teacher preferably by email except in an emergency such as unavoidable cancellation of a lesson at the last minute, where telephone use is acceptable.

  • Inappropriate behaviour or use of inappropriate or unlawful materials during the lessons by the Pupil may result in the Teacher terminating the lesson immediately and the teacher reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, in which case the Teacher shall not be required to refund any fees previously paid.

  • EJML agrees to comply with the MU’s & ISM’s safeguarding advice in relation to music teaching. Current advice is available on their websites.

  • EJML has a current DBS or Disclosure Scotland certificate.

  • Both EJML and Student must dress appropriately for the at home lesson.​

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