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A bit more about me!

If you have looked around my website at all you will probably have seen my professional bio. But here is a bit more about the real me.

A rather boring photo of me!

I am born and raised in Bedfordshire and I am married with two young daughters, two step children (one is 20 and the other is 17) and a rather furry cat called Turvy.

I love music and come from a musical family. Although my parents aren't especially musical (they have started learning music more seriously in retirement) the only other musical person in my close family growing up was my older sister Bridget, who is now head of music at Henlow Academy in Bedfordshire. However my Grandma was a pianist who played for the local scout and guide Gang Shows and at the local old people's home (even when she was a good 20 years older than some of the inhabitants!), and several of my cousins are musicians - in fact my cousin's son, Peter Moore, won the BBC Young Musician Of The Year competition in 2008 and at the age of 12 remains the youngest ever winner to this day!

I call myself a piano obsessive! Ever since my Grandma brought me my piano when I was 6 or 7 (I don't remember exactly how old I was), I have loved losing myself in the act of playing the piano. It was my best friend, my confidant, my therapist and at times my punching bag (playing VERY loudly) through my youth. I also studied Violin and performed with the Bedfordshire Youth Orchestra for several years. I was lucky enough to win a place at Junior Trinity for my instrumental lessons when I was 15 and studied there until I left school.

I studied music and Durham University and then an MA in Composition for Film and Television at the University of Kingston Upon Thames. I also have a diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering from the Islington Music Workshop (IMW).

My other passions, aside from music, are Amateur Dramatics, Films/Film Music and Jewellery Making. Although I don't have much time anymore, with a young family and teaching in the evenings, to go on stage much myself I do volunteer at my local youth drama society Stewartby Youth Dramatic Society. I am a geek (and co-owner of a geek wall at home alongside my husband), a Harry Potter fanatic and the inadvertent collector of musical biscuit tins!

I would love to win an Oscar for Best Original Film Score!

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