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Giving something back!

The Musicians' Union is running a fantastic campaign called #WorkNotPlayMU.

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How many times as musicians and teachers are we asked to do something for free, or for a very small fee, or for "exposure"? 😡

How many times do instrumental teachers and musicians get asked "So what do you actually do for a day job?"

There is a perception that we do what we do for fun and that we can't really be earning a living from music. In most cases musicians struggle to earn a living through music and this is not helped by the attitude from clients that we can accept a small fee because we only do this as a hobby! Most musicians will do a variety of different things, and work very long hours just to make ends meet.

No I will not teach your child for free. No I will not perform for free. I have bills to pay and childcare to pay for.

Would you offer to provide your services for free or for "exposure"? Free legal advice? Free accountancy services? Free listings in your publication?

If you are a friend of mine, or a charity then there may be a conversation to be had.

However, I do believe in giving something back and volunteering! Ever since I can remember my parents encouraged me to volunteer for things. As a young girl I thought it was just for fun, and even into adulthood I have continued to volunteer for things and if I can donate my musical services then I will happily do so. I currently am a volunteer at my local youth drama group and just this week I volunteered to help with my daughter's school choir (although from September as the current day they rehearse I am in stay-at-home-mummy mode and don't want to drag my 3 year old to the rehearsal to cause havoc!)

The difference is - it is my choice to volunteer!

I think 2019 should be the year that we all volunteer and give something back. It could be to your local community, to your old school, to a friend, to a stranger, to a charity close to your heart.

Will you pledge to offer your musical services for free this year?

Who's with me?

If you would like to read more about the Musicians' Union campaign please follow the link below.

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